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My thoughts on web design

Information technologies are always changing. When I was in high school, I took a great amount of interest in Flash because I felt that it was the future for delivering information interactively in a creative and dynamic way.

A couple of years later, Flash is no longer the penultimate leader in web design; quite the opposite happened with it seen as something of a past generation. HTML 5 is the poster child now with still many unexplored possibilities. Building this website has made me realize how difficult web design is, as you need to have the technicalities of a programmer and the creativity of designer. There is really no shortcuts as I discovered while trying out Adobe's new program Muse, which tried to offer an ability to build websites without code. Instead of helping me, it hindered me instead, limiting me tremendously. I resorted to hand coding most of it later on.

Learn to code, there's no shortcuts. In my opinion, if you use a computer, learn to program; not doing so is like knowing how to read but not being able to write.

Posted on 04 May 2014

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